Grant Coordinator

POSITION: Grant Coordinator

GOAL: The purpose of this position is to assist in budget planning, grants management and public relations for the St. Francis House, Inc.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: It specifically includes seeking and applying for new grants, oversight of grant compliance and monitoring, program data gathering, and public communication of the programs and success of the organization. The position provides program and grant reports to the Executive Director.

• Facilitate grant procurement.
• Accurately compile and update support data and figures related to the grants.
• Monitor compliance with grant specifications.
• Keep grants in an orderly fashion – Locked and secured in filing cabinet.
• Responsible for meeting grant reporting deadlines.
• Hand deliver/mail out grants by their deadlines.
• Attend grant proposal meetings.
• Search out and apply for new grants.
• Track payments of grant invoices to insure timeliness.
• Provide technical assistance for other staff members.
• Collect data from all SFH departments as pertains to grant reports in a timely manner.
• Gather and copy check information (back and front) regarding salaries and expenses as needed for grant documentation.
• Succinctly organize spreadsheets reflecting grant allocations and expected monthly grant revenue.
• Track remaining balances of cost categories and update staff as needed (i.e. maintenance with DCF-ESG monies).
• Collate and share data with accounting/administration, volunteer coordinator, and case management.
• Compile monthly, quarterly, and annual statistical reports representing SFH operations.
• Assist client services as needed (i.e. fill in at front desk, answer phones).
• Make community presentations and attend community meetings.
• Assist Executive Director with community projects.
• Assist with receipt of donations.
• Maintain working relationship with outside grant sources (personnel at other not-for-profits, government agencies, etc.).
• Be prepared and available when grantors conduct monitoring visits.
• Perform other duties as directed by the Executive Director.

EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Knowledge of the guidelines and policies related to a non-profit organization. Knowledge of grant practices and procedures necessary to comply with grant guidelines. Be experienced with computer, email, and internet software applications (i.e. Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, and Internet Explorer). Possess the ability to successfully understand governmental grants and be able to work within their parameters. Proficient in technical writing, specifically letter writing, grant applications, and grant reporting. Serve as an advisor to the Executive Director in the analysis of all grant-related materials, reports, publications, or documents.

If you are interested in this position, please submit a resume and cover letter to:

Executive Director
PO Box 12491
Gainesville, FL 32604