Executive Director

Executive Director, St. Francis House

December 5, 2019


Position reports directly to:                                          Board of Directors

Starting salary range:                                                     $60,000 – $70,000

 Hiring authority:                                        This position has the authority to hire staff

                                                                    for program completion and to terminate as needed



The Executive Director (ED) is responsible for the leadership and management of St Francis House, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower families with children to transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency by providing case management, housing, food, training and educational resources in a secure environment.

ED reports to and works in partnership with a board of directors in fulfilling the mission of the agency.  

The ED is responsible for developing and managing the organization’s budget, overseeing the paid staff and volunteers, maintaining a leadership role within the community, and working on special projects and assignments.



1.     Provide leadership and support the St. Francis House Board of Directors; assist the Board in identifying, recruiting, and developing board membership representing the community at large; responsible for special reports and projects as assigned by the board, attend all Board of Directors meetings, including executive meetings, and provide for staff attendance at board meetings as needed.

2.     Establish goals and strategies, in cooperation with the Board of Directors, which will further the mission of St. Francis Houseand then work toward their implementation.

3.     Maintain a leadership role within the community at large; work with other agencies to advance community interests; address community groups as appropriate.

4.     Serve on committees/task forces (local, state, national) that deal with homelessness or related issues.

5.     Enhance public awareness, understanding and support of St. Francis Housethrough coordinated marketing and communication of program needs, goals, and achievements.

6.     Assess community need and identify appropriate roles St. Francis House can play in addressing homelessness and affordable housing issues.

7.     Establish effective relationships to enhance the agency’s standing in the community (media, justice, corporate, non-profits, and individuals).

8.     Participate in community meetings, presentations, and public events.

9.     Assure that no sexual discrimination, racial discrimination, or sexual harassment occurs among the staff and recipients of St. Francis House services.


1.     Provide for compliance with all state, federal, and local laws, and administrative rules regulating homeless centers and work environments.

2.     Provide for the compliance with city, county, state and federal contracts and standards, and other grant contracts as awarded.  

3.     Work with the Board of Directors in establishing, maintaining, and complying with the by-laws.

4.     Work with the Board of Directors to identify and deal with appropriate issues requiring policy decisions/actions and assure implementation.


1.     Following the established policies, oversee the hiring of staff, termination decisions, promote continued professional development among staff, coordinate staff/volunteer performance evaluations with appropriate supervisors, develop and maintain a training/development program for staff and volunteers, ensure compliance with all training regulations and requirements.

2.     Oversee the development/maintenance of position descriptions for the staff that supports the mission of St. Francis House and complies with the funding sources.

3.     Create an atmosphere that fosters the development of strong, effective teams and staff through involvement and participation in decision-making.  Establish and ensure that the organization maintains open and honest communication both internally and externally.

4.     Direct the establishment and maintenance of a bank of volunteers and interns to supplement paid staff.

5.     Monitor the agency’s services/programs and measure their effectiveness; present findings to the Board of Directors along with recommendations.

6.     Establish and maintain responsible security and facility management at all locations, conduct scheduled inspections and identify problems and submit reports as needed to the Board of Directors, Include any special considerations for compliance with the ADA.


1.     Develop and recommend annual operating and capital budgets for all programs and operate within the Board of Directors approved budgets; oversee and direct the financial operations of the agency including budget development, revenue forecasting and contract management; submit budget updates to the Board as directed.  

2.     Provide agency funding through effective resource development, cultivating new funding sources whenever possible.  Oversee the development of an overall plan for resource development including preparation of funding applications and grant proposals.

3.     Establish and maintain effective relationships with funding resources, local, state and federal government agencies, justice systems and other non-profits.

4.     Actively seek avenues of fundraising that will support the mission of the agency.

5.     Provide for an outside annual audit of the financial operations of the agency.

Qualifications and Characteristics

1.     Minimum of five years’ experience working in a nonprofit organization, including supervising staff and working with a board of directors.

2.     Master’s degree and/or extensive experience in social services, public administration and/or other appropriate areas.  A bachelor’s degree and five years applicable experience may be substituted for the master’s degree.   

3.     Working knowledge of nonprofit fiscal management, including fund accounting and budgeting.

4.     Demonstrated ability in public speaking, written and oral communication and interpersonal relations.

5.     Experience in fundraising.

6.     Maturity and high level of energy.

7.     Ability to identify and solve problems in a logical manner.

Special Requirements

1.     Valid Florida Driver’s License.

2.     Must pass background investigation.

3.     Working knowledge of computer usage and management.

Working Conditions

 Must be flexible in working hours to attend board meetings, committee meetings, speaking engagements, etc.

Agency Requirements

All Employees of St. Francis House are expected to demonstrate a commitment to:

  • promoting diversity and equality
  • professional ethics and standards
  • flexibility and teamwork
  • protection of confidentiality

I agree to be held accountable for my actions and agree to hold co-workers accountable in order to create a responsible environment.

I recognize that providing and supporting quality client services is the priority and my actions, attitude, and involvement should positively impact every client’s experience.

Applicants should respond with resume by email to Al Cockrell, President, St. Francis House Board of Directors:

Al@NFWealthAdvisors.com – Deadline for applications is Thursday, 19 December at 5 PM Eastern Standard Time