Case Manager for Nonprofit (Gainesville, Fl)

Salary: $36,400.00 / 17.50 an hour – 40 hours a week
non-profit organization

JOB SUMMARY: Provide shelter services and appropriate supportive housing for homeless families or individuals, develop programs and resources and formulate case plans that promote moving towards self-sufficiency. Ensure the safety of all residents by implementing, monitoring and enforcing the rules and regulations of communal living.

Intake Process:
• Completes an initial needs assessment and acts upon critical needs appropriately and immediately
• Orients clients to the shelter programs, requirements and consequences
• Assures that basic hygiene needs are being met
• Supportive Housing Case Manager interviews and counsels prospective clients for the
Supportive Housing Program

Case Plan:
• Develops a comprehensive client-driven case plan with both short-term and long-term goals
• Completes a timeline and measures for each goal
• Monitors progress towards goals in regularly scheduled weekly sessions
• Evaluates and adjusts case plans as needed and provides written warnings with consequences if
satisfactory progress in not being met
• Empowers clients to become involved in their own planning and goal setting
• Refers clients to appropriate resources to assist with meeting goals
• Assures that specific HUD program goals are consistently being met and provides extensive case
work to foster transition from homelessness to permanent housing

Training Programs:
• Designs, coordinates and implements Life Skills, Tenancy 101 and other training aimed at learning
and practicing life skills and decision-making
• Evaluates the program for effectiveness and producing changes in client behavior

Recordkeeping and Reporting:
• Maintains client files to include conversations, warnings, progress towards goals and
documentation of any incidents
• Report critical incidents immediately to the Executive Director
• Collects data necessary to meet funding requirements and statistical reports
• Completes the daily bed log, capacity reports, case management logs, turn-away reports and
termination reports in a timely manner

Property Management:
• Assures the safety of each property through frequent tours of the facilities inspecting for any
hazards or repair needs
• Reports any hazards to the Director for immediate attention; communicates with client service to
insure safety for the residents

• Monitors the performance of client service and provides coaching to improve their ability to
manage situations during off-hours
• Assures that client service receive all the training necessary to meet their job expectations

Teamwork and Collaboration:
• Works in collaboration with program and all other agency staff to facilitate a team environment
• Participates in Homeless Services team meetings and commits to group decisions
• Role model effective team behaviors
• Demonstrates effective communication skills in building relationships with all client service and
• Creates good working relationships with local welfare administrators and other area service
providers and support groups to facilitate the access to the area resources for the clients
• Substitutes for other staff when need arises

Values and Culture:
• Treats all clients, visitors and employees with caring, kindness, respect and dignity
• Maintains strict confidentiality of all information
• Adheres to the politics in the use of computer technology and all telecommunication devices

Core Job Requirements:
• Computer skills including Microsoft Word and Excel with the ability to learn new programs
• Experience in Human Services and with a variety of populations
• Ability to solve problems, make decisions, resolve conflicts and LISTEN
• Ability to deal calmly to crisis situations
• Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to be compassionate and firm and always maintain
• Knowledge of community resources
• Ability to be flexible

Behavioral Competencies:
• Accountability
• Adaptability and Flexibility
• Conflict Resolution
• Counseling Skills
• Honesty/Integrity
• Persuasion
• Teamwork and Collaboration

• Preferred Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience
• Human Services Experience
• Some Management or Supervisory experience
• Must be able to pass drug test and background check

If you are interested in this position, please submit a resume and cover letter to:

Executive Director
PO Box 12491
Gainesville, FL 32604